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The school touring show was created shortly after the success of the Schoolhouse Rock Live! was apparent.  After so much of the country saw the show it was logical to bring the fun and energetic show to schools and expose a whole new generation to educational concepts through music.  

The show is approximately 45 minutes long.  We bring everything we need to you.  We arrive about 45 minutes before the show with the sets, costumes, props and music.  The only things you have to provide are an outlet to hook up our sound system and a room for the actors to change into their costumes. 


The show is interactive and best suited for K-5.  We love to be close to the kids so we can give them a high five or bring a few kids (and maybe even a teacher!) on stage to dance with us.  A gym or a cafeteria is a great place to host the show.  We need a space approximately 20 feet wide by 15 feet deep.  We can play to an audience of a few hundred kids which means your cost may be under $3 per kids.  Discounts are available for two or more performances on the same day.

When the show is done we can provide a short talk back with the actors and then we do all the clean up.  


Songs include:

     Three Is A Magic Number

     I'm Just a Bill

     A Noun Is A Person Place Or Thing

     Conjunction Junction

     Interplanet Janet


     and more...



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