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Schoolhouse Rock started when an advertising executive noticed his son could remember the words to popular songs on the radio but couldn't remember multiplication tables.  He believed that if educational information was coupled with exciting animation and catchy music children would be able to learn and remember it.

From 1973-1985 ABC aired 41 different Schoolhouse Rock songs and won four Emmy Awards. Children around the U.S. learned the preamble to our Constitution, remembered "and", "but", and "or" are conjunctions and found out that three is a magic number.  Children also learned how a bill becomes a law and Interplanet Janet's adventures in space.

The stage version of the show opened in Chicago in 1993 and was wildly popular.  The success of that show led to national tours, an off-Broadway run, the creation of Schoolhouse Rock 2, countless local productions and the school touring show which ran for 20 years in the greater Chicago area.



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